Halloween Activities for Kids

It is no secret that Halloween is absolutely my favorite time of year.  Over the years I have realized I am not alone in my fascination of all things Halloween.  When given a choice, children will often choose a Halloween activity over another more seasonally related activity.

This year, I tried my best to keep the online speech therapy Halloween activities at bay until the beginning of October.   By mid September, I completely gave up.  Fall was in the air and the kids could not wait to start the Halloween speech therapy activities.  With online speech therapy, there are endless amounts of Halloween themed actives that children enjoy. I find it both easy and rewarding to incorporate speech and language therapy goals into existing Halloween stories and games.  Below are some of the best resources I have found.

But before I get to the web based activities, don’t forget that carving pumpkins is one of the best Halloween speech therapy activities.  It exposes children to a ton of vocabulary: stem, top, seeds, slimy, flesh, tough, carve, and the list goes on!

Example Online Speech Therapy Halloween Activities:

General Use:

Therasimplicity is an online speech therapy materials company that offers a nice selection of holiday activities.  They give you the ability to create lessons that meet the unique needs of each child.  Find them at: https://www.therasimplicity.com/

For kids with social and emotional therapy goals:

Kiddie Matters:

Chateau Meddybemps:
Chateau Meddybemps has tons of Halloween activities with lovely stories and great pictures to go along with them.  http://www.meddybemps.com/supermenu.html#holidays

For the have/has goal:


Following Directions:


For the older kids:

Mrs. Water’s English:
This is a great selection of reading materials for older students.  Not all the stories on this website will be suitable for children with language disorders, however, you can pull out some great imagery and wonderful words to target articulation goals – always a challenge with older students.  http://www.mrswatersenglish.com/2014/10/21-scary-halloween-short-stories-for-middle-school/

For temporal directions:


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