Fab 5: Five of our favorite websites for learning!

The internet is a seemingly endless universe of knowledge and entertainment. It can be difficult to sift through the vast quantity of available content in search of appropriate (and fun!) sites for kids. Whether you are looking for an after-homework reward, a quiet downtime activity, or simply some information exploration, the following five websites offer a wide array of great options to suit your child’s interests.


As the name suggests, Wonderopolis is all about fostering curiosity and wonder in the world around us. Within this website, children can find out the answers to such questions as: “What keeps the ocean from draining through the sand?” and “Why do chameleons change their colors?” Children can write to the website with questions of their own and families have a space to exchange information, activities, and suggest favorite Wonders. Additionally, the content on Wonderopolis is intentionally complementary to Common Core State Standards, so it is a great place for fun reinforcement of classroom learning.


Craving some delicious food and eager to involve your children in the process? Look no further than Spatulatta. This family-run cooking website is loaded with dozens of recipes which are conveniently organized into different categories (e.g., country/culture of origin, special occasion, meal type, etc.) The most important part is that, with a little adult supervision, your child can make all of these dishes. Practice reading, math, and problem solving, while encouraging your child’s sense of independence with a practical, lifelong skill.

Chateau Meddybemps

Chateau Meddybemps is a website designed to challenge and engage children (and adults!) of all ages and stages of their language and learning development. From riddles, to puzzles, to story-starters, this website has an extensive list of fun, creative activities which target a wide range of skills, as well as an accompanying instructional page for parents and teachers with many additional ideas for enhanced learning.

Storyline Online

This website offers videos of classic picture books introduced and read by professional actors. Your child will enjoy listening to soothing, animated voices read these touching, lyrical, and downright hilarious tales, while watching the beautiful illustrations pass before their eyes on screen. Turn on Closed Captioning for additional literacy input.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids follows the same themes of geography and science as its parent company but with a kid-friendly format. Explore the links to find out more about countries, animals, and people around the world. Play interactive games, follow cooking instructions, conduct science experiments—it’s all here on National Geographic Kids. And, for the very young ones, take a look at the special section for Little Kids

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