Top 10 Reasons We Love Online Speech Therapy

Online therapy (also known as telepractice or teletherapy) is a growing platform for speech-language pathologists to provide their services to individuals for whom attending sessions in person poses a difficulty or inconvenience of some sort. An increasing number of people are choosing online therapy for its many important advantages; today we want to share some of our favorites with you. Here now, without further ado: The Top 10 Reasons We Love Online Speech Therapy.

Online therapy is…

1. Convenient – This is convenience at its finest. Online therapy makes it possible to receive professional speech-language services from the comfort of your home, your workplace, or any other suitable location with high speed internet—it’s up to you! We recommend choosing a quiet place to avoid distractions and interruptions.

2. Available – There are many places in the United States and around the world without (easy) access to in-person speech-language therapy. But fret not! From rural Oregon, to the shores of Lake Malawi, online therapy has got you covered. With a steady internet connection (and perhaps a generator), you will have access to quality speech-language treatment, along with all the accompanying materials and online resources.

3. Flexible – Perhaps you would like to be more involved in your child’s speech therapy, but your work schedule never allows it. Perhaps you are a super-early bird, but there aren’t any SLP clinics open at the right time. Online therapy provides for more flexibility than in-person sessions, and, at Worldwide Speech, we make every effort to accommodate to your scheduling needs.

4. Resource ready – By choosing online therapy, you can be assured to have unlimited therapy materials available at the click of a button. Worldwide Speech uses an online platform which allows us to easily share documents with you, lead you through activities, and otherwise provide you with a highly interactive therapy experience.

5. Specific to your needs – Top-caliber SLPs are typically concentrated in metropolitan areas, leaving large swaths of the population underserved. If you receive speech-language therapy online, however, you can get matched with a professional SLP who has the experience and qualifications that are specific to your needs (i.e., multilingual, stuttering, early intervention, etc.).

6. Consistent and reliable – Because online therapy is available wherever you are, there is less of a need to cancel or reschedule due to weather, traffic, or sick siblings, and so on. The diminished number of interference factors translates into increased consistency across sessions and improved productivity overall.

7. Discreet – Some children feel particularly self-conscious about being singled out for sessions with the school SLP. Adults, likewise, might not wish to advertise their decision to see an SLP. If discretion is a concern of yours, online therapy is a great option. Receive speech-language therapy on your own terms, where you (or your child) feel most comfortable and open for change.

8. 21st century appropriate – Technology is engaging for adults and children alike and people of all ages have adapted to an internet-based lifestyle, complete with online videos, games, and various learning tools. Our therapy takes advantage of the intrinsically motivating features available through online software, keeping your child fully engaged in the therapy process.

9. Time-saving and cost effective – With online therapy, there is no need to spend your valuable time and money making yet another commute during your long day. Save that time and money (not to mention energy) on other things!

10. Valid and recognized – TheAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) approves of online therapyas a valid means for treating communication disorders, and holds practitioners of online therapy to the same rigorous standards of conduct required of all speech-language pathologists.

BONUS: It’s personalAt Worldwide Speech, online therapy is more than a way to capitalize on cutting edge technology; our experience is personal. Erin Long, founder of Worldwide Speech, is a busy, working, mother of two, who established this company after living abroad and seeing firsthand the lack of competent SLPs available in hard-to-reach areas. Not only does she understand how great online therapy is from a provider point of view, but also as a working professional with multiple schedules and family responsibilities to juggle. With this in mind, Erin designed Worldwide Speech to be as user-friendly and flexible as possible.

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