What can I expect from Worldwide Speech Accent Reduction Training?

The answer:  an accent reduction program that is tailored to your individual needs. All of our 8 and 12-week programs begin with a personal speech analysis, to determine how your speech patterns vary from Standard American English. With this information, your own unique program will be planned, with particular emphasis on pronunciation, as well as complete word production, voice projection, intonation, and grammatical fine-tuning, as needed.

During our weekly hour-long training sessions, you will learn to hear the differences between your pronunciations and those of American English. With the help of your Accent Reduction Trainer, you’ll learn speech modification techniques, as your target sounds are practiced in words, sentences, reading passages, and conversation. A variety of activities will make your sessions interesting and enjoyable.

Of course, the most important part of any Accent Reduction program is practice – lots of practice. To make your practice productive and convenient, we provide you with an interactive online practice program. This program allows you to record yourself as you imitate words and sentences, then listen to your recording, for instant feedback. Most clients want to continue to practice, even after their course is completed, so the online practice program will be yours to keep forever. Additionally, your trainer will help you to discover ways to integrate practice into your everyday life.

During our last session, we’ll do a final assessment. The results from this will be compared with those from the initial assessment, to determine the extent of your improvement. Past comparisons have shown that clients who attend all of their training sessions, and practice diligently can expect a measurable improvement in their accent.

You can get more information about Worldwide Speech’s accent reduction programs, and complete a free online screening, at www.worldwidespeech.com. You can also contact us via e-mail at info@worldwidespeech.com or via phone at 1-855-4-WEB-SLP (1-855-493-2757) for more information.