Worldwide Speech Now Offers Free Accent Consultations

In its continuing efforts to help individuals address concerns related to foreign or regional accents, Worldwide Speech is now offering free accent consultations to anyone interested in learning if accent reduction training would help them to achieve their communication goals.

Worldwide Speech now uses a convenient online program that allows individuals to submit a speech sample from the comfort of their home or office. Once the sample has been submitted our accent reduction trainers will review it and then schedule a consultation. During the consultation we will talk with the requester about their speech patterns, identify any ways in which their accent may interfere with communication, and suggest a tailored and appropriate course of accent reduction training to help the individual adopt a more standardized English accent.

The process is quick and simple; it generally takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you would like to see if you are a good candidate for accent modification, you can access the consultation tool here or visit us at for more information about our accent reduction programs. You can also contact us via e-mail at or via phone at 1-855-4-WEB-SLP (1-855-493-2757) for more information.

Do Accents Affect Hiring Choices?

A study conducted by a graduate student at the University of Northern Texas was one of the first academic studies to demonstrate the effect accents have on hiring decisions. One of the main findings was that hirers associated less noticeable, less identifiable accents with better educated, more qualified candidates. The results are noteworthy and help to demonstrate why many people can benefit from accent reduction training. Accent reduction training, conducted by an experienced speech-pathologist, can help speakers with a strong regional accent, or a foreign accent, significantly reduce how noticeable their accent is, helping them to quickly connect with potential employers or clients.

Getting this career enhancing service is now easier than ever thanks to the advent of online accent reduction training. Worldwide Speech, a leader and innovator in online speech therapy, also leverages its technology and teletherapy experience to offer clients with online accent reduction from the comfort of their homes, office, or any other convenient location. All of our instructors are certified speech pathologists who have also completed specialized training in accent reduction.

Give us a call at 1-855-4-WEB-SLP (1-855-493-2757) or send a message to to learn more about our innovative and effective accent reduction services.