Snowquester – Didn’t Phase Worldwide Speech in Annandale, Virginia

I went to bed last night knowing schools and businesses in the DC area would be shut due to the March snow storm that has became known as the Snowquester. At 8:00 am this morning my dentist‘s office called to notify me the office was closed and I needed to reschedule my appointment. At 8:30 am I explained to my five year old daughter there would be no school today because of the snow. She began jumping up and down and repeatedly screaming “I love it!”

However, unlike many people who enjoyed their snow day by relaxing and watching the snow come down, I got dressed and ready for a day of work. Work doesn’t stop for snow storms when your job is online. And while it is nice to sit back and watch the snow, I love seeing my clients for therapy and love that I do not have to cancel therapy due to the weather.

This got me thinking about an often overlooked advantage of online therapy. Telepractice has unquestionable value in its ability to deliver speech therapy to people that do not have access to a local speech therapist, but it also has the added benefit of being convenient. Snow days, traffic, and slight coldsdon’tget in the way of online therapy. It is convenient for working parents who do not have the time anddon’t need the extra stress of trying to run their child to speech therapy after work. They do not have to cancel therapy because of traffic or a sick sibling; online therapy brings sessiondirectly into the home. What could possibly be more convenient?

So, the government and all local schools shut down today, but here in the little Northern Virginia suburb of Annandale, Worldwide Speech kept running. Everyone had their speech therapy session and I got to forget about the snow for awhile as I worked with clients in sunny South American and the Mediterranean.