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    Do you feel your accent makes it difficult for others to understand you? Do you think speaking English more clearly would make you a better communicator? Do you think your accent has hindered you during a job interview or held you back when competing for promotions? Do you have a strong regional accent that makes it difficult for others to understand you?

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    These are real issues that affect many people. Numerous reports, including these from Salary.com and Monster.com have found links between accents and career success. If you have any of these concerns Worldwide Speech's flexible, online accent reduction training can help. We won’t just teach you how to pronounce individual words in English; we will train you to alter your speech patterns and pronunciation so that you speak with a more standardized English accent.

    What is accent reduction?

    Accent reduction training (or accent modification) is a process, led by a certified trainer, to help you change your pronunciation, cadence, rhythm, and speaking style to be consistent with native speakers of standard American English. This is not a service that language schools, which simply review the pronunciation of single words, can offer.

    Worldwide Speech uses the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (Compton P-ESL) program in our accent training sessions. The Compton program is widely recognized as the gold standard for accent modification. All of our trainers are certified in the Compton P-ESL program and have experience working with learners from a variety of backgrounds.

    Worldwide Speech also feels strongly that experienced speech-language pathologists (also known as speech pathologists or speech therapists) are uniquely qualified to conduct accent reduction training. Speech pathologists complete years of graduate education and practical training focused on phonology and techniques to help others adjust and correct their speech and communication. Other accent reduction schools advertise that their trainers use the “techniques of speech pathology”, but that is no substitute for having experienced speech therapists combining their unique skills with the techniques used in the Compton program.

    Can I really get accent reduction training online?

    Worldwide Speech is a leader in online speech therapy and we've used our technology and expertise to develop a successful online accent reduction program. Conducting accent reduction training through our secure online platform offers our clients a high-level of discretion and convenience. You no longer need to miss work or drive to a clinic for your training sessions. You can participate in your training from home, work, or any other convenient location. Our system does not require any special equipment or software, you just need a computer, webcam, and high-speed internet connection. Our system is also compatible with many popular smartphones and tablets.

    How do I get started?

    We offer a free consultation to anyone interested in accent reduction training. You can click here to submit a speech sample. Once we receive the sample, our accent reduction trainers will review it and contact you to discuss your goals and the best course of training for you. If you would rather, you can also use the contact form at the right to request one of our trainers to contact you with more information about our accent reduction programs. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to have a free discussion with an accent expert about your concerns or needs.

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